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Video content is increasingly present on the web. Maybe you don't want to film yourself? One of the alternatives available to you is the animated video. Here it is. 5 platforms that will allow you to create animated videos.

Thanks to the animated videos you can easily set up a storytelling!

Video Scribe

Video Scribe allows you to create animated videos on a whiteboard for an old school atmosphere that gets us back to school.

We like this atmosphere to explain a product, a theory, a service...


Animaker proposes to create dynamic content in 6 different styles :

  • 2D
  • 2.5D
  • Tutorial
  • Typography
  • Computer graphics
  • Whiteboard


Explee is very similar to Video Scribe. Indeed, with its whiteboard styleExplee allows you to explain all your projects and you have the possibility to use your own illustrationsExplee's in charge of animating them.


Vyond on its side offers you animated videos in a flat design style. Vyond allows you to create animated videos from examples and add characters to match the different posts in your business.


Rawshortfor his part, proposes to create animated videos with characters but also computer graphics.

After you create your video, don't forget to add subtitles to make your video accessible to all but also to get more visibility. And, if you're running out of video ideas, Capté offers you some inspiration in this article.

Capté is perfect for subtitling, thanks to its great simplicity, the subtitling is feasible for everyone.

Ready to subtitle your video?

Captured automatically generates your subtitles!


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