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Open Caption or Closed Caption? What's the difference? What choice should I make? Capté is there to answer all your questions about the subtitling.

It is repeated (but never enough), subtitling is essential ! But two formats are available: Open Caption or Closed Caption. Which do you prefer?

The Closed Caption

These are best-known. They probably tell you something through their abbreviation CC that you can see on video players. Where you've probably already seen it, that's for sure. YouTube !

Closed Captions can thus be enabled or disabled at any point in the video. It's also thanks to them that you can select subtitles in the language of your choice (when you have the opportunity).

This type of subtitles is possible thanks to the TRS file. It has the advantage of giving the user control over the viewing of the video. However, be aware that it is not not supported by all platforms.

Open Caption

Let's now move on to his competitor: the Open Caption. These are directly integrated into the videothey're part of the video.

The advantage is that they are easy to integrate and accessible on all platforms. you can even stylize your subtitles by choosing typography, colour or size.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks: Open Captions are not more editable once integrated into the video so watch the spelling. And The quality of the visual will depend on the quality of the video. so make sure your video is sharp so that you don't get blurry subtitles, that would be a shame.

How do I generate subtitles?

The choice of Open Caption or Closed Caption subtitles will depend on what you want as a result: subtitles customized to your image, choice of subtitle language, choice of destination platform...

But whatever your decision, with Capté you can choose one of the two export options: either video with integrated subtitles (Open Caption) or upload your .SRT file (Closed Caption)! 

In addition Captured, it's opted for the easy way out. : voice recognition automatically transcribes subtitles then thanks to the intuitive editor, you can fix them in the blink of an eye.. Then you have the possibility to automatically translate them into 5 different languages and customize them to your image !

So you ready to get into captioning?

Open Caption or Closed Caption?

With Capté, choose at the last moment or don't choose: the 2 possibilities are open to you!

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