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Embedding a video in an email can be a source of headache. Having faced this problem myself, I will give you tips on how to put a video in your mail body. If you want ideas for videos to boost your emails, we have written an article about it.

The video problem

The problem with videos is that they are often large formats. This means that when you send your emails in large numbers, they can spam of your recipients.

Most client mailboxes do not support video content in emails, either. Indeed, the do not accept direct playback of videos in the e-mails. Lucky for you, there are ways around that.

Host your video first

First, you're going to have to host your video somewhere. There are several possibilities for this. You can upload your video on specialized platforms like Youtube, Daylimotion or Vimeo. Another option is to host the video directly on your website. via your website. Alternatively, you can also share your video on one of your social networks and use this link in the next steps.

How to add a video to your email without hosting it somewhere

2 possibilities are available to you:

The attachment will be your ally. You can opt for theSending your video as an attachment. However, couriers often limit the weight of PJs. For example, couriers often limit the weight of PJs, you may get stuck at this level. That's why I'm going to give you a solution and new options.
The solution to this problem of too heavy attachments is called the file transfer service. You upload your video to a cloud via a file transfer service like Smash or WeTransfer. This will give you a link that you can share so that people can access your video. The catch is that the person will be forced to upload your video and that's not necessarily great. It's better to be able to watch the video without downloading it. Here, below, are some more practical solutions.

Send your mails via a specialized platform like Mailchimp

Thanks to platforms such as Mailchimp, you can integrate video content directly into your email. Mailchimp grâce to its block of video content will allow you to link a video to your email. However, the platform only works with Youtube or Vimeo. The platform will extract a thumbnail from your video... so that your customers can click on it and that it links to your video which will open in a new page.

Create a GIF for short videos

If your video is short, you can create a GIF. This way, the video will run in a loop. However, do take care that it is of reasonable weight so your email isn't too heavy.

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An example of a short video in GIF

Using a still image / thumbnail

On the same principle as what Mailchimp does. You can create a still image that looks like a video player and then link it to your video, your customers will click on it, and a new page will open with your video

The advantages of this technique are that you can track click through rate and that the video can be hosted on any platform. 

capte - transcription - subtitles - thumbsnail norman capte
Thumbnail images of a video

Integrate your video with HTML

If you have some knowledge of codes, you can embed your video in the body text using HTML.

However this technique is not the bestIf you want to play the videos directly, you have to take into account that most messaging systems do not play the videos directly. So prefer the previous techniques.

In conclusion

Embedding a video that plays directly into your email is risky and complex. So there are techniques to get around this problem, it's up to you to see which one suits you best.

For make your videos accessible to all, don't forget to include subtitles. Captured will simplify this step for you.

Willing to add a video to your emails

Think about the subtitling !

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