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At Capté, we say it over and over again, but subtitles are essential. Why subtitle his videos? There are several reasons. You are told and at the end of this article, we are sure that you too will be converted to the subtitling.

Accessibility for all

Today, in France, there are more than 5 million deaf and hard of hearing people. Without subtitles, a good number of people with a hearing impairment are deprived content access containing audio. This is the case of video, too few videos are accessible to this community. Or digital accessibility just as accessibility is a fundamental right.

Subtitles will allow deaf and hard of hearing people to view your video content. Subtitles also enhance the user experience.

Videos without sound

A the age of smartphonesContent is increasingly being consumed everywhere and all the time. We find more and more videos in our feeds. But the problem is that the video is composed as much sound as image. It is frustrating not to be able to watch a video because you have forgotten your headphones, you can't turn on the sound, or the surrounding environment is too noisy to listen. And we know that if we save this video for later, we'll probably never watch it again.

So the subtitles are here for you! To each problem its solution, let's say, and it's true, the proof.

  • 80% users react negatively when video is played with sound
  • 85% videos are watched silently on Facebook
  • More and more videos are being played in auto-play.
Subtitles solve all these problems.

Better SEO, SEO

Do you know the VSEO  ? It's SEO video version. Yes, it is, subtitles can help you to be better referenced. Yes, it is, subtitles in SRT format are a text file (accompanied by time code) and the algorithms use text to reference. Your video if it is subtitled with an .SRT file will be better referenced. And by correlation, it will surely reference your site better if the video is hosted on it. And that's it, subtitles help you in your SEO strategy

Going international

With subtitles and SRT files, you can offer subtitles in several languages. Your content will be like this accessible to a wider, international audience.

More visibility

For all the reasons mentioned above, your subtitled videos will allow you toget 12% extra visibility


Here are some figures to finally convince you that subtitles are useful.

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In conclusion

One more time, subtitling is essential. Now, more than ever, it's time to subtitle and it's never too late to start. Better late than never 😉 

And of course, for subtitles, Captured is there for you.

No more reason not to subtitle:

I subtitle my videos now

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