Subtitle files 

There are two types of subtitles: those called "open captions" and those called "closed captions". For the first one, the subtitles are directly integrated into the video, they are part of the image. For the second, the subtitles are integrated into the video via an external file, a subtitle file.


And subtitle files, there are various formats: .vtt, .txt, .sub, .srt ... The best known is the .srt, democratized by the dvd.


The .srt file contains the subtitles of the video along with the timestamp. The subtitles are numbered in sequence. Each subtitle is accompanied by its input and output display time code in the following form: "00:01:04,500 -> 00:01:05,593". The time codes are used to synchronize the subtitles to the video.


The top of the best sites or software to automatically generate an .srt file.


There are few software or sites that allow you to create an .srt file. To create an .srt file, you have to create subtitles and there is a range of sites to do subtitling automatically and easily.


These sites and software include


  • Kapwing, a multi-service video editor: subtitling, gif, video resizing... It allows you to create videos easily by offering multiple features. If you don't have video editing skills, this software can be a multiple tool for editing video content. You can create subtitles manually or automatically. But we regret that this feature is not easy to use, the timeline for setting subtitles is not very convenient and the automation of subtitles remains poor. But above all, we regret the slowness of this online editor and the export which is long and sometimes contains bugs. So it is not the most optimal solution but you can get an .srt file at the end.
  • Captured, an online tool specialized in subtitling. Simple to use, you just have to upload your video to this web application, the voice recognition system transcribes the text in a flash and all you have to do is edit the transcription to correct any small mistakes that may have been made. Once this step is done, you can proceed to export and upload your .srt file. That's it!

How to change the subtitles of a video


To edit subtitles in a video, your subtitles must be in an external file or you must have used an application. For example, Capture allows you to make changes to your subtitles at any time since all your edited videos are in the same gallery on your profile. 


Otherwise, to modify a subtitle file, it's very simple, just open the file with the notepad, modify the information and then re-export the file in the right format. For a subtitle file, you can also use a site like Sublime Edit Online that allows you to edit the subtitle file while viewing the video that goes with it.


If you used Capture, you will only need to go to the desired video, edit your subtitles or time code in the editor and then re-export the video or .srt file.


It's as simple as that.