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You're out of inspiration and you don't know what to publish on your LinkedIn? We understand you, it's not always easy. That's why today we present you 5 types of LinkedIn posts that work.

The celebration

In this type of post you share your success stories and what you're proud of. This will create positive reactions from your audience.

The feedback request

The purpose of this kind of post is to engage your community. By asking your audience for their opinion in the construction of your project, you give your post visibility because you create commitment. But moreover, it allows you to best meet the needs of your clients.

The post aspiration

This kind of post will allow you to talk about your experience: about mistakes or what you have learned. You will talk about your experiences, explain them and tell what lessons you have learned from them today.

Content versus comment

For this kind of post, you're going to suggest content for any comment under your post. This kind of post creates engagement because people interested in your production will automatically comment. With this kind of post, you can create the content afterwards depending on whether the post worked well or not: if few people commented you can say that finally the content will not be produced. This kind of post is interesting mixed with a celebration or an inpiration post.

The post polemic

As you might expect in this kind of post... you're going to express your opinion on a controversial subject.... This will automatically generate engagement with comments. However, be prepared to receive negative comments and argue your point of view. You can also ask for input at your hearing.

How to write a LinkedIn post?

Copywriting is writing that promotes a product, a company, a person...And applied to LinkedIn, it's what will allow you to promote your post, make people want to read your publication or even go further by clicking on the link you shared. So you're going to write to be read.

Start with a catchphrase to attract attention, it can be a request for an opinion, a fact or just the announcement of the subject. The catchphrase is written on 2 to 3 lines.

Then for the body of the post, you can follow marketing models AIDA or NOT to write good copywriting and generate interest in your publication.

And always end with a call to action. that will elicit commitment (likes or dislikes).

If you want to learn more about how to perform on LinkedIn, you can read our article.

And of course nothing prevents you from mixing the kind of posts between them 😉.

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