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Instagram is one of the most promising social networks with 1 billion monthly active users including 500 million users who use the platform on a daily basis. Stories are a key element of the social network. This format makes it possible to be spontaneous, visible and to establish a bond of proximity. How to create a nice story? Captured will give you the secrets of a successful story.

What's a story?

Already, story is the English translation ofhistory. The format is therefore conducive to narrative content.

Then the original format of the story is a content that only remain only a few seconds on the screen and fade completely after 24 hours.... However, you can now save your favourite stories on your profile, which is called "front page news".

The story has 3 great advantages:

  • Visibility Stories are not subject to the algorithm and are the first thing the user is exposed to.
  • Proximity Instagram has developed a whole bunch of stickers and features that allow interaction and open dialogue with its community (ex: polls, questions, quizzes...).
  • Spontaneity : this format allows you to express your creativity, less strict than the feed you can have fun with aesthetics.

What to do to create a successful story?

First of all, make sure you keep your graphic charter for be recognizable easily. And to remain consistent with your editorial line.

Next, start by introducing ! The user goes from story to story, it is important that as in any good story you introduce the story. Keep it simple, tell your story and end with a conclusion. Only approachonly one topic per story per dayso as not to confuse your community.

The story is a mobile formatso make sure you capture your moments by 9/16th to make your photos and videos immersive.

Make your stories dynamic using the different modes offered by Instagram: live, text, boomerang, video... And use the different functionalities to engage your community: gauges, music, quizzes, questions...

Tips You can even create your own stickers !

Take care of the layout of your stories by avoiding the use of poor quality photos or videos (e.g. pixelated) and in promoting a good arrangement of the elements. An application such as Mojooffers you templates to animate your stories. A good visual, readable, will more easily capture the interest of users.

Attach your story to an action! With a call-to-action to signify the purpose of your story. Or with a link or by linking to your catalogue to generate lead.

What can you do to create a nice story that stands out from the crowd?

Be creative and break the codes! Divert the features, have fun with the stories.

Create animated visuals and if possible who will Involve your community.

Instagram is full of little hidden tricks, don't hesitate to watch YouTubes videos or Instagram accounts to learn them! We advise you for example Anna Giulian, on YouTube, which gives advice for your stories, your feed... If you lack inspiration, on Instagram, there are also a lot of accounts similar to Instastoryideas.s that come up with story ideas. 

As for the stickers, you can play with them and there are many designers who have created their range of stickers. You can have letterings or characters. Here's a little selection type in the Gif search bar to find some: Martina, Foopklo, Lizaproch, Hana, Ateliermouette, Floweringwords, beige, Rorodina, Prosadecora, TwentySeven, Ohlalalita, Whasitape.

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Put your stories on the front page

Save your headline stories allows stories to last longer, to classify them into themes andlearn more about you

For example, if there are recurring questions, you can do an A.A.Q. so that your community can have the answers at any time. Or if you regularly recommend reading, for example, such as Lauren Bastide or Maureen Wingrove you can put them on the front page, at the disposal of your community.


Stories have become an indispensable element on Instagram. Feel free to use them even to promote your new posts. If you create videos, don't forget to subtitle them to create even more engagement! And if you are more Reels than Stories, we wrote an article for you. 😉

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