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Also commonly known as 'screencast', video capture allows you to film your screen display. Useful in many cases, how to make a free video capture? We offer 2 solutions.

Extensions and software to make free video capture

To film your screen display, two solutions are available to you: run software or use an extension of your search engine.

  • The extension 

The extension allows you to ne not having to download any softwareshe's directly accessible from your search enginewe advise you


Loom is available via Chrome it doesn't matter if you're sure Mac or PC.

With Loom, you can filming your internet tab or your desktopIt's up to you. You can also put your webcam !

We selected Loom for its ease of use. Once your video is finished you can download it in MP4 format, send it by email or share it on social networks.


  • The software
The software allows you to have more features. You can thanks to him too edit your video. We recommend you
captioning - transcription - subtitles - flashback express recorder

Ideal for capturing all your videos, Flashback Express will also capture all your allow for the possibility of editing them. Thanks to this software, you have the possibility to shoot in full screen, a selected tab or area.

You also have the possibility to highlight the cursor. We love him because he's ease of use and indefinitely

This software allows you to highlight your video and customize itmore than with the extension.

When to capture video?

Video captures can be used in many different domains:

  • for educate through courses or training 
  • for explain in the case of tutorials
  • for expose a problem encountered
  • for promote a tool 
  • for give presentations 
  • for broadcast a performance of gaming
When you capture a video, you can then add subtitles to capture your audiencethink about it! Capté is the perfect tool for this.

Subtitle with Captured

Don't wait any longer, start subtitling your screencasts now!

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