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Although some Marketing Digitahile they claimed that blogs were dead, it turns out that this is no longer true. The company blog is an indispensable lever.

Indeed, his importance is only growing today. The blog considerationBoth personal and professional is  primordial in a highly connected society.

The corporate blog, an essential lever today

Simply providing a description on a few pages of your website, or social networks is only insufficient. Indeed, people want to know your history and understand help and the benefits that you're in a position to offer them. 

And a blog is not only about text content but also about media content such as images, videos, GIFs, computer graphics, podcasts. In short, so many features that improves their quality

Statistics that confirm this trend

Indeed and on average, a user grants ten seconds attention to video content.

In fact, ten seconds that allows him to identify the subject and understand the message. Otherwise he gives up the reading of an audiovisual work

The proof is, according to Worldometers, 6 million items are published every day on average. In addition, it was found that a quarter of the websites have a blog. 

A study by Content powered completes this observation and specifies that : 

  • 70% of prospects think a blog adds credibility 
  • 33% of them consider blog posts to be the 1st factor in the credibility of a site. 
  • 65% marketing executives plan to increase their content efforts by 2021. 
  • Marketing teams that focus on blogging are more likely to have feedback on investment positive. 

If you are not yet convinced, we invite you to browse through the list of 65 key figures about blogging here

Corporate Blog and Marketing are inseparable

It is relevant to remember that there are 2 types of blog 

  • the personal blog.  You can there share anything you want: unusual things you've experienced, trips you've taken. No matter the theme, only one thing matters: the subjects must you be passionate about

In addition to giving you a real feeling of well-beingIf you are a member of the Internet community, writing your articles can then open a virtual discussion between Internet users. You can also turn your blog into a real promotional device.

  • a company blog. This is the better way to disseminate your product and/or service offering to the world while building a strong reputation. In addition, He is described ascentralizing toola real lever to generate business and acquire visibility on the Internet. It is the essential brick of Inbound marketing. This approach consists of generating leads from quality while building a strong relationship with your customers. Its regular flow of attractive content gives trust to the visitors. A bargain for them to become future customers.
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In concrete terms, how to capture a loyal audience?

At a time when every human being seeks to connect with other human beings, humanize his blog is a priority. The goal is to create proximity with Internet users while trying to erase the virtual border of the website. 

To do this, use at least the technical vocabulary to prevent a web user from describing your activity as too expert for him. 

Then let your emotions. Internet users are very receptive to the personal values conveyed by a brand. They will be more likely to buy and consume your product, even if they are willing to pay for it. dearer if I have to. 

Don't hesitate to add a touch humorous to carry a positive mood. Your customer will feel good reading your publications, it will make him smile and he will remember it. 

I mean, come on, admit its errors. Error is human and communicating about it increases satisfaction. Then it's how you manage the problem that will make the difference between churn and retention.

Other ideas for building audience loyalty

  • publish reviews of sponsored products 
  • create a product to download 
  • develop an affiliate program 
  • new article topics 
  • recycle old items that need updating
  • bring in experts 
  • increase the number of video formats

It is neither easy nor given to everyone, but some influencers have become referents for their audience, make a very good living. Also, promoting your blog posts on social networks can help you reach new audiences. thousands of people on a daily basis.

Your brand is not what you say it is, but what Google says about it.

Chris Anderson

The advantages of keeping a corporate blog

The blog improves considerably the rnature referencingl: there are a large number of actions to be carried out to optimize its referencing on search engines.

But a regularly updated blog is one of the most important tools to help you effective to naturally improve the ranking in Google's result pages. In other words, without content, search engines have nothing to learn about you and therefore the website is lost in the existing mass. As a result, you are unable to attract quality prospects and build your notoriety and credibility

It increases web traffic and facilitates the conversation with your prospects. By offering free advice to readers, you improve your reputation. Thus, it gives more credibility to the brand and gives reason to Internet users to come back to the site. Based on this observation, the blog is a loyalty tools, it is therefore important to provide a quality at a pace regular.

Captured on his blog!

Since it was launched, Capté made his corporate blog an indispensable lever for his emancipation. 

For all the reasons mentioned in this article but also because the blog is part of the global web strategy that includes social networks. Indeed, producing and publishing quality content on its blog allows to feed its agenda with publications on social networks and to foster community engagement.

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