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Why listen to podcasts in 2020? In 2020, it's a reality: podcasting is everywhere. Everybody listens to it, everybody produces it. So why podcasts?

Podcasts are both entertaining and educational, and are tailor-made for a multi-tasking life.

Podcasts are also evolving. They have come a long way since their modest beginnings in 2003. Technological advances and ubiquitous connections have enabled mobile applications to stream podcasts almost anywhere.

In 2020, 44 % of Americans have already listened to at least one podcast in their lives. So, if this is not the case for you... Why should you listen to a podcast for the first time? 

Why listen to podcasts in 2020?

Because to your brain, listening is like reading!

Like many people, you may feel that listening is somehow "cheating" compared to reading. This is a particularly common concern for people who listen to audio books. Either way, you are being rewarded too much for too little effort. But research reported by Sage Publications show that there is no difference in comprehension between listening and reading content. You are not cheating. In fact, you are only enriching your knowledge and understanding in a different way.

Why listen to podcasts in 2020?
Because you will find the information you are looking for!

You can probably find the information you need.
Whatever the subject you want to know more about, it seems that there is now a podcast for that. In fact, there are 550,000 active podcasts on Apple's application alone and more than 18.5 million episodes available. So it would be hard not to find what you're looking for.

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Why listen to podcasts in 2020?

Thanks to permanently available broadcasts!

The ability to listen to high quality content, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, is one of the main reasons for the growth of podcasting over the last 15 years. And this medium is particularly attractive to entrepreneurs, who are busy starting a business, often with their own hands.

Not only can you listen while you're on the road, waiting in line or on a plane. But you can also listen while you do all those everyday activities that take up so much of your time. 

And 11 % of podcast listeners turn on programs while they work. This can be very useful for entrepreneurs who are busy with their usual work tasks.

Why listen to podcasts in 2020?

To satisfy your thirst for culture!

Everyone loves to come together to share stories that teach, inspire and entertain. We seem to be made to absorb what we hear. That's why, when we listen to a podcast, we tend to listen carefully. We don't skim or sweep away as we would with a newspaper article or blog post. We create images in our minds of the scenes described. You connect to the story, and you learn.

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Why listen to podcasts in 2020?

Because it's a road to success...

Of course, listening to podcasts doesn't instantly catapult you into the ranks of the ultra-successful: people like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and others have had to do a lot of work to translate all their reading into results. But podcasts will certainly put you in the company of the top performers: 51 % of monthly podcast listeners have incomes of $75,000 or more, compared to only 38 % of the general population, according to The Podcast Consumer 2018 report.

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The development of visual podcasts on instagram

Podcasting is so fashionable that it is no longer only found on podcast platforms but also on Instagram! The plus: allowing deaf and hard of hearing people to listen to a podcast with their eyes! Indeed, podcast creators now post them on Instagram with subtitles, most of them with the same subtitle. use Captured to subtitle their podcasts. !

So, what are we listening to?

Podcasts on sexuality, masculinity, starting a business... there's something for everyone! So, which ones do we prefer? 

  • Start to follow the stories of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs...: here, we follow the galleys to build a box without a filter! It's fresh, it's interesting, it's motivating. 
  • Balls on the table A podcast with no taboos on men and masculinity. 
  • The Powder : A sublime podcast by Lauren Bastide. One week out of two, she receives an influential personality in an intimate environment to ask him questions about his career and his struggles.
  • See you soon : Sophie Marie-Larrouy as master of ceremonies. This podcast, recorded with an audience, is a simple funny discussion between Sophie and her guest... but it always turns into a fascinating debate... 

And many more! It's up to you to look into Louie Media, Sybel, Apple Podcast, Podcaster...to find the podcast that will accompany you. 

Ready to subtitle your podcast?

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