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In France, nearly 6 million people have hearing problems. A significant number of people deaf and hard of hearing are denied access to audiovisual content. Indeed, they are too often without subtitling. Although material means exist to alleviate this problem, only 600,000 people who are deaf or hard of hearing are equipped with a hearing aid. There are three main brakes: economic (49%), psychological (43%) and finally aesthetic (28%).  

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Adverse consequences

Handicap invisibleHearing problems can lead to acute emotional fragility in those affected. They are more likely to experience psychological distress because of the lack of available contacts to go with them.

It is important to note that there are different degrees of deafness light, medium, severe, deep, total. For more information, click (here).

So, how do you communicate well with a person who is hard of hearing? And how do I make sure they can access my video content?

The contact visual is very important. It is therefore necessary to always see the face of the person speaking. Deaf or hard of hearing people get valuable information from facial expressions. Indeed, the lip reading or labio-facial allows you to decipher what a person is saying by reading their lips and face. 

However, poor lip articulation can affect comprehension even when positioned from the front. Also in a particular context, where one cannot show one's face in the video (when commenting on a landscape or object that one is showing for example). When access to language is more difficult, the emotional understanding of the deaf or hard of hearing person is paralyzed. The extra effort of concentration and attention leads to fatigue that can become chronic and lead to exhaustion and even depression. 

Video Captioning is Essential for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

To ensure that those affected by hearing loss also have the law to have access to audiovisual content, to associate the subtitling sounds like a obviousness. What makes captioning for the hearing impaired and deaf specific is that it is a intralingual translation. Along with the dialogues, they include all the information that contributes to the development of a story to which a deaf person does not have access through sound.

caption - transcript - subtitles - com instagram deafness testimony

Became an obligation for the terrestrial channels since the beginning of the years. 2000Many of the content creators do not yet offer this feature. The reasons: due to lack of time, tedious and time-consuming processes, unfamiliarity with tools or because they are deemed not to be sufficiently efficient. The fact is that many people with this disability are not able to use the tools they need. are deprived access to content.

captioning - transcription - subtitles - com instagram deafness testimony

Captured, the automatic subtitling tool thanks to voice recognition!

However, today there are tools such as CaptéThis is a SaaS platform, which allows the automatic generation of subtitles for videos thanks to voice recognition.

Our ambition is to get content creators to adopt our tool while raising awareness of the importance of subtitles.

Gabriel Delattre - Founder of Capté

The idea is therefore to simplify this process to make it accessible to all and avoid the use of expensive software. The intuitive interface allows you to edit and stylize easily the subtitles as you wish. Then you can download the video with the directly embedded subtitles or the .SRT file where necessary.

Inform your community in your biography

The more awareness is present, used to meet the challenges of our daily lives, the more our potential appears to be important in the eyes of others. 

In this sense, why not add a line in your biography that indicates that your videos are subtitled?

And subtitle your video with Capté !

No more excuses for not subtitling:

I am committed to making my videos accessible
for all

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