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The video format is becoming more and more popular. 66% of consumers watch it at least once a day. Ideal ally of the happy snackthe video allows you to gain visibility and notoriety and get a message across quickly and effectively. So don't hesitate to integrate videos into your content strategy.

But what kind of videos to create? There is no lack of choice!

Today, 10 video ideas to integrate into your content strategy to communicate about your company, brand, product...

1. Video branding

Video branding will allow you to communicate your brand and values

Video branding highlights the image of your brand, it should project a strong image. Often storytelling is used for this. This type of video enters in the discovery phase for the client, the video is impactful because it emotional vehicle .

You've probably already seen a branding video like Nutella, Coca-Cola or Nike ads. For these brands, the strong image is already installed, video branding allows them to continue to promote their values and make them more humane, accessible brands. 

Here is an example of a Nike brand branding video

In this video Nike bounces off the news to promote its values of human potential development, positivism, universality and equality. Here the angle of attack is the problem of racism in the United States.

2. The product presentation

The video presentation produced, as its name suggests, aims to present a product to your customers. Often performed during the launch phase of a new product. The latter will allow you to make your product known in the market.

The product presentation video allows to present the product from several angles: the tool / project itself, its use, its features ... This type of video will allow customers to project themselves and will thus influence the decision to achat as shown in this infographics.

capture - transcription - subtitles - infographie_video_e_commerce

The product video presentation becomes unavoidable. Especially in the age of online shopping, video allows you to view the product in 3D. For example, the Asos clothing site has integrated videos into its product sheets to show the clothes being worn, so that the customer can see himself in the clothes as if he were in a fitting room and is quicker to make the purchase.

captioning - transcription - subtitles - video_demo_product_asos

Asos Product Video

3. The demonstration / tutorial

The demonstration video close to the product video differs from the latter thanks to explanation of the operation of the product or service. A real tutorial, this type of video will help the consumer in the learning process of the product/service. This will make it quicker and easier to get to grips with the service or product. The demonstration video is therefore also a good way to put the product/service in situation. And, in the long run.increase the satisfaction rate in the consumer's home!

And why not be helped by an influencer for this demonstration part? Most of them receive products to promote them. Some do not hesitate to make test videos with tutorials. This is the case, for example, in the field of cosmetics. The influence medium is an excellent communication channel for product demonstrations.

Here is an example, here Eva Longoria teaches you how to rebuild your roots with a L'Oréal product.

From her bathroom, actress Eva Longoria shows you how to use L'Oréal haircolour.

4. The sales video

As the name implies, the goal here is to sell a product or service

The goal here is to include a sales pitch. Often a celebrity will present the item for sale and tell you the advantages of it. The sale takes place around a storytelling.

The sales video will consist of 7 main steps :

  1. The catchphrase The subject will be presented through a small catchphrase or a pattern interrupts (a little story), the goal is to get to the heart of the subject to attract the viewer's attention.
  2. The Promise we promise you a solution that works, that is made for you.
  3. The Story of the person: we tell you about what led to this solution, the problem we were facing
  4. The solution we offer you a solution, it is the only selling proposition, THE solution to reach the promise 
  5. The product / service what is the service / product for this solution, we give you a presentation of it
  6. The price and its decomposition we give you the price of what we sell you, we show you that it's the best solution compared to the market.
  7. Call to action we urge you to act now, to make the purchase...

Here, Olivier de Carglass, shows us how an impact can get worse but thanks to Carglass and its resolutely low price, we offer you a solution

5. The video of thanks / welcome

As described, this type of video will allow for a thank you or a welcome members of your community, your customers, your partners... It doesn't matter but it allows you to link up and retain.

This kind of video does not only allow to welcome or to thank but also todirect the user towards products / services that are beneficial to him and show him that choosing you is the right choice.

It is also a way to federate your community and deepen the bond with the latter. An original video can even help you create commitment and stand out from the crowd.

Like the SNCF, which promotes the ecological side of the train by thanking its passengers with the Thank You campaign

SNCF advertising campaign, in 2018, to thank the 5 million passengers who prefer the train.

6. The educational / informative video

Creating a video is also an opportunity toeducate or d’inform your prospects. Video is an ideal format to explain, educate and inform thanks to the simultaneous use of images / text / sounds, the Internet user captures the message more easily. Moreover, the subtitling increases the assimilation of information by the Internet user. Tools such as Capté can support you in this step. This type of video allows you toto address complex issues by simplifying them and making them accessible. 

The advantage of educational / informative videos is that thewe can call in outside people to the company as experts to discuss the topics being discussed, as Leroy Merlin does below. Inviting outside speakers also makes it possible toextend the reach of your videoof maybe... repackage and thus generate leads. Indeed, these external actors will probably share this video to their community so you will gain visibility.

Here Leroy Merlin informs its customers about financial aid for energy renovation with an expert from ADEME. This video in collaboration with the ADEME helps to reach their community for Leroy Merlin.

7. The customer video testimonial

Customer testimonials allow you to build a relationship of trust between your brand and your consumers. Indeed, this kind of testimony will support the fact that your solution is the right one, that it solves a concrete problem. This type of video is therefore BtoC.

Because your customers are your first collaborators, don't hesitate to put them to work! Who doesn't look at a review before buying a product? The customer testimonial video allows you to an opinion with a case study to better understand what's being sold. And to show that your business is the right one, that you are professionals.

Here Bsit users explain how the app changes their lives.

8. The interview with the employee/team

The employee interview will enable you toestablish a relationship of trust between you and your future collaborators, or B to B. Indeed, interviewing your current employees will show your professional know-how and expertise in your field.

This type of interview can also be of interest to your customers because it also allows you to show who you work with and to introduce your team. So, for example, the audience will know more about your brand. and will be more likely to have a positive image of it.

These types of videos allow you to humanize your company.

Here the Avril group interviews one of Michel & Augustin's bosses.

captioning - transcription - subtitles - modetrotter_interview_collaborators

On Instagram, the brand Modetrotter did a series of interviews with his team to introduce each member.

9. The Live Video

Live videos are made for engaging contents. As social networks are increasingly consulted, this type of content should be taken seriously. Moreover, we have seen the extent that this has taken during the confinement: organized debates, sports classes, questions / answers ... Live was everywhere ( but especially on Instagram ).

The advantage of live is that it can be both short-lived and long-lasting. Indeed, it can be visible only for the moment or for 24 hours. But, it can also be saved and put online later on certain platforms such as Youtube or Instagram. The live Instagram can even be turned into a podcast with Anchor

This type of format allows for interaction with your community, as they can often comment live and you can respond instantly. Live allows Internet users to intrude on privacy of a brand, a company, influencers... It also makes it possible to experience an event as if you were there, to plunge in an event like with Rémy Bruisine of Brut which takes us to the heart of the news or the sports classes of Justine Rojat that tells us not to let go. As you can see, live is... be close to one's community...accessible. Live allows you to be natural and to be able to tackle multiple subjects. 

capte - transcription - subtitles - Screenshot_video_live_instagram

Here, a live Instagram on the theme of Self defense. in the form of a discussion between the accounts  Clit revolution and Collective Self

10. The Stories

The Stories extend to all social networks. Even Linkedin's getting into it

The Principle a video that lasts 24 hours. This new format allows you to boost your content strategyto share content daily with your customers. 

Stories are an opportunity to share moments of your daily life and to allow you to be 'accessible'. It can also be a way to think outside the box.

On Instagram, we love the colourful and inspiring stories of Sabribeny or those of I like everything about you. who poetically embrace the moments of everyday life. Stories are a beautiful tool for storytelling and an occasion to strengthen your brand image.

Thanks to the stories you can also tell a story in soap opera form like the Summer comic book on Instagram. And you have the option to keep them visible on your profile for the past 24 hours.

capte - transcription - subtitles - story_video_bd_ete

One of the stories from the Summer comic book that sums up season 1

captioning - transcription - subtitles - storie_a_la_une_bd_ete

Comic book headlines to follow the adventures of Abel and Olivia...

Bonus story telling

The story telling it's the art of storytelling. Use it, abuse it in your videos. It allows you totrigger emotions in the Internet user. This technique makes it possible to attract attention of the hearing and will allow you to to put your values through a narrative. Storytelling allows you to image your words and to allow your audience to identify with your story. The story telling can be integrated into most of the above video types.


You've got it all figured out: the video is THE content that you shouldn't miss. Here we have given you several types of videos that you can make, but there are plenty more. Give free rein to your creativity and feel free to mix video types like a live show with a collaborator or an expert. Creating a video for your content strategy is an added value, it brings dynamism. What is interesting is to create qualitative content for your audience. A content that will make a mark on them. So don't wait any longer, test your talents as a director! 😉

And don't forget thata subtitled video is even better. More visibility and accessibility for all, and we love that!

Ready for your next video content?

Subtitle it with Captured!

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