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How did we convince our first users to use Capté?

Capté was born around March 15, in a Covid 19 context. Our company is called Soixante circuits and is specialized in the creation of interactive event experiences. The creators of Soixante circuits are developers (which obviously helped us to create Capté), but our team is obviously not specialized in product launches. 

Capté's creation was done in joy and good humor, but not necessarily in total trust. We felt competent to build and design a product, but we had no experience in creating a product and no budget to do so. Today, and after 4 months of work, we have convinced 300 users!

We had to renew ourselves constantly and think a lot about our customers' needs! Lhe aim is to describe the efforts made to convince our first users to use our products..  

Direct communication via Instagram

As I mentioned earlier, it is the individual contact that we privileged at the time of the Capture Beta. In order to convince early adopters, we individually contacted potentially interested Instagram profiles to subtitle their videos :
  • Profiles that produce videos for their followers agencies, influencers, media...
  • Whether or not they add subtitles to their videos When they added more, we would congratulate them and ask them what tool they were using and if they were interested in testing Captured.

In this way, we managed to convince about 50 beta testers.

Subsequently, we created the Captured instagram profile. Via this instagram profile, we continued to contact profiles creating videos, with or without subtitles :

  • 20 contacts on Tuesday.
  • then 20 contacts on Wednesday.
  • and finally 20 contacts on Thursdays.

So 60 contacts via instagram per week!

Thanks to Instagram :

  • We have convinced Chloe Bloom (influential with 147k subscribers) to use Captured. She is now adding subtitles to these videos, which is really pleasing to these followers! 
  • The account The misunderstandingsWe were also very interested by the fact that we were followed by 2000 followers and advocated accessibility. The misunderstandings provides tips on how to make its videos more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This account helped us write our article on the importance of subtitles for people who are deaf and hard of hearing;
  • Finally, we have created a partnership with Who's the boss (media of Girl Scouts with 450k subscribers). This partnership consists of: un real (instagram's new TikTok), an article in their blog and an article in their ebook. 

We are delighted with these contacts via Instagram because this network, beyond the fact that it has helped us grow, has also allowed us to meet some great people. 

Indirect communication via a press release

We have listed all the media likely to write about Capté (The digital century, The moderator's blog, Maddyness…). One of the team members, in alternation, also retrieved a list of contacts, via the person in charge of his school. 

Thus, all his people received:

1. An e-mail presenting Captured and enjoining to go and look at the press kit on the marketing site (including the video introductory

2. A first attachment: the press release in PDF format

captioning - transcription - subtitles - example-communica-press

3. A second attachment: the press kit in PDF format

captioning - transcription - subtitles - press kit

Registration on free referencing sites

To be better referenced, we have listed free referencing sites that allow to describe Capté and its functionalities for free.

I advise you to register on these platforms and directories, which allow you to generate traffic on your site. For example, you can register your product on : 

Remember to look for directories and platforms that match your product or company. These are directories for start-ups or Saas. Of course, if you're opening a restaurant, you should look for directories that specialize in food. 

The constant renewal of our tool

We have collected user feedback from the beta test of Capté.

In addition, when users contact us through the chat intercomwe take their feedback and systematically ask them to communicate their needs to us. By operating in this way, we have grouped together the most requested improvements. For example, we noticed that our users wanted to be able to use Captured from their phone, that they wanted to be able to translate their subtitles or even customize the subtitling typo... All these improvements have been made at regular intervals and the customization of the typo is in progress! 

This beautiful adventure continues! We will of course keep you informed of our next actions to convince new users. Stay tuned 😉

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