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It was a priority and it's now online. The functionality machine translation video subtitles is available on Capté

Indeed you can now easily transcribe and automatically translate your subtitled videos.

Please note that this feature is only active for the Premium

Why this new feature and not another one?

Since the launch of its platform, many users have joined the adventure Capté. Always with the idea of a continuous improvement processthe team requested the Captured community. This is why the latter has responded favourably and kept us informed of the new features desired.

Also, the product team has multiplied the making contacts with content creators not registered, the idea being to know and refine the needs.

Finally, the numerous returns obtained have made it possible to enrich a roadmap and to develop as a priority this functionality.

How many languages are available?

Captured allows you to translate your subtitles in 5 languages : 

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. German
  5. Simplified Chinese

How do I use the subtitle translation feature in the application?

Functionality LANGUAGE is available on your subtitle editing page. If you do not have a subscription Premiuma pop-in of upgrading will offer to do so. Then the video subtitle translation feature will be active. It is located between the STYLE and EXPORT

How translate my video in French with foreign subtitles in 3 steps: 

  1. Upload the video in English to your space Media
  2. Let the automatic transcription subtitle from French to French thanks to artificial intelligence
  3. Edit the subtitles that appeared in French, you can then, modify the timecode, style and CHANGE LANGUAGE,  
  4. Proofreading and possible correction 
  5. Export your translated subtitled video 
  6. Broadcast your translated video with subtitles

Doing better, always better. We place our users at the heart of the Captured project and its continuous improvement. Translation was a priority. It is now available.

Gabriel Delattre - Founder of Capté

So why subtitle videos in multiple languages?

Subtitle videos promotesaccess to content for deaf and hard of hearing people (read article deafness). In addition, the video has become the preferred communication medium Internet users. In this sense, the translated video subtitles allow you to expand your community and thus gain visibility

5 good reasons to translate video subtitles :

  1. Improve accessibility of video content to all audiences. Did you know that? A subtitle is easier to implement for a company than using the French Sign Language (LSF)!
  2. Reaching a foreign audience with subtitles. Haven't you ever had the experience? You are watching a video, but the content is only available in a foreign language. Having translated subtitles in multiple languages enhances the user experience. This way, the distribution of your messages becomes more visible. 
  3. Position yourself on the current trend: video subtitling. According to a Cisco study, by the end of 2020, 82% of global Internet traffic will be due to video consumption. Then subtitle in multilingual so you don't fall behind.
  4. Make the content accessible at all times. It is more and more frequent that a video launches itself, mainly on Instagram, Facebook or on your e-commerce site. In this case subtitles are very useful to quickly identify the subject and attract the eye of the Internet user to view your video. Thus, subtitles allow you to obtain 12% additional visibility.
  5. Optimize your referencing. Search engines take into account text content. By adding multilingual subtitles that contain searched keywords in the target countries, you optimize your chances that foreign Internet users will find and share your content. 

By now you know how important it is to internationalize your subtitles. 

So subtitle and translate your video, switch to polyglot mode with Capté !

Subtitle and translate your videos

I'll switch to multilingual mode right away.

Here we go,
I'm starting!

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