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Subtitles and natural referencing (SEO for connoisseurs), what's the connection? It is repeated often but subtitles are important. They allow you towiden your audience yielding your videos accessible to all. But they can also allow you tobenchmark better. And who better than Captured to help you subtitle?

Subtitles, referencing and algorithms

And yes, subtitles and SEO are related. Subtitles are text, so far I'm not telling you anything new. When you're making a video, via subtitlesthis one goes become more referenced

Indeed, the transcribed text will allow the algorithms to know the theme of your video and thus be able to place it as a relevant search result in relation to a specific search. For example, if you are talking about a specific topic in your video, try tokeyword identification in connection therewith and include them in your comments or your subtitles

Your video will then be better referenced. 

Captured and SEO

At Captéour goal is to Simplify subtitling for you. Voice recognition will automatically transcribe your words into subtitles. Then you have the ability to edit these. You can take advantage of having the possibility to edit them to add keywords related to your video and thus promote your referencing.  

So you no longer have an excuse not to subtitle! 😉

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The SEO Allied Video

To reference a video, the algorithms are based on text

The subtitles are therefore effective, but you also need to think about the titleat the descriptionto tags and the name of your source file. All these parts are made of text. Try to integrate your key words to see your video up when a request includes them. 

The problem with metadata is that the keywords used are often relatively short. Thanks to subtitles you will be able to include long tail keywords and thus have more chance that your video will be in the first results. And a well-referenced video is a visible video so you'll go all the more gain visibility and often, therefore, in traffic if your video is hosted on your website..

The video is therefore an ally of your SEO strategy. This strategy is so specific that the term VSEO was born. 

How to subtitle a video?

Nothing could be easier, using Capté ! You can download the video with embedded subtitles or just the .SRT file.

You were also listed the best software for subtitling in a previous article for more information.

Ready to boost your SEO?

Subtitle with Captured!

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