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Are you a professional video editor? You downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro at the age of 12? You don't think adding subtitles to a video is the most fun task? But thanks to Adobe Premiere you can do it quickly? 

Well, as weird as it sounds, Captured is for you. I'll tell you why.

An accessible tool to increase productivity

Captured was designed for both professionals in the subtitling than for non-professionals. This means that if it seems simple to a novice, to you it will seem even more accessible. Switching from Adobe Premiere Pro to Capture won't be a waste of time as you'll be up and running in no time. 

Captured, above all, will save you time! How long does it take to add subtitles to a video on Premiere? A significant amount of time, I know... Capture was created to save you a huge amount of time compared to other software. Our tool also makes you gain in productivity. You can now subtitle faster, so you can subtitle more and concentrate on important tasks.

With Adobe Premiere Pro it is impossible to create automatic subtitles, all subtitles must either be typed by hand or embedded via a subtitle file, which is a huge waste of time. 

A simple interface to make money

Captured also makes you money. In the age of the unlimited, the price offered is attractive and adapted to all needs

  • Video by unit : 1 video at €3.99 (no watermark, video of 5 minutes max and 2 go max, 720px export, all style features...)
  • Standard : unlimited videos for 19€ per month (no watermark, video of 5 minutes max and 20 go max, export 10800px all style features and support by chat...)
  • Premium : unlimited videos, 7 days free trial then 49€ per month (no watermark, video of 20 minutes max and 100 GB max, 4K export, all style features and chat support...)

If you don't want to commit yourself, we only charge you by the minute, unlike Premiere pro for which you have to subscribe to a license. Our credo? We only charge you for what you use!

Interface comparison

Technically, thanks to Captured, you will face a very simple interface that will look like this:

capte - transcription - subtitles - interface capte mister v capte
the interface is simple to allow everyone to subtitle

Adobe presents itself like this: 

captioning - transcription - subtitles - adobe premierepro videomister V
the interface is more complex and intended for professionals

Adobe is a great tool for styling your subtitles to look and feel right for your brand or product. Capté has been inspired to give you the same possibilities. You can choose the position of the text, its color, size, outline color...

captioning - transcription - subtitles - style screen

Captured allows you to download the .SRT file generated with speech recognition and import it into Premiere Pro if you really need to make style changes. So in the end, one doesn't prevent the other... although our hearts go out to Captured 😉

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