person posting on LinkedIn
5 types of LinkedIn post

Reading time: 2 min You're out of inspiration and you don't know what to publish on your LinkedIn? We understand you, it's not always easy. That's why today we present you 5 types of LinkedIn posts

How to perform on LinkedIn?

Reading time: 2 min LinkedIn is the professional social network that can help you grow your business. But for this you need to communicate and engage your community. How to perform on Linkedin?

woman making a story
How to create a nice story?

Playback time: 4 min Stories are a key element of Instagram. This format makes it possible to be spontaneous, visible and to establish a link of proximity. How to create a nice story? Captured will give you the secrets of a successful story.

How to use Reels for your business?

Playback time: 3 min Instagram Reels allows you to create video clips with a maximum duration of 15 min. How to use it for your business?

instagram statistics
How to improve the engagement rate on your videos?

Playback time: 2 min Video content explodes but how to stand out in the crowd? Engagement, learn how to improve engagement on your videos.

The need for a community manager

Reading time: 4 min Why is a community manager so important? Managing your community becomes more and more important as your customer base grows. It is therefore necessary that someone within your community is able to manage your community.

How to get more likes on instagram?

Playback time: 4 min How to get more likes on instagram? Want to increase your engagement rate on Instagram? Getting more likes will help you make sure that your future posts will be more visible,

hashtag hashtag
Implementing a hashtag strategy

Reading time: 3 min What is the use of hashtags and is it still useful? Well yes, thanks to them you can gain commitment and acquire a community. Hence the importance of implementing a hashtag strategy.

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