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6 techniques for writing SEO content

Reading time: 4 min 6 techniques for writing SEO content! It's no secret that SEO and content go hand in hand. Writing articles, beyond being interesting, obviously helps to improve SEO. After

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How to make a good vlog in 2020

Reading time: 4 min How to make a good vlog in 2020? The vlogging craze is spreading all over the world, even celebrities have started to get into it. Anyone can be a blogger, but you

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Why listen to podcasts in 2020?

Reading time: 5 min Why listen to podcasts in 2020? In 2020, it's a reality: the podcast is everywhere. Everyone is listening to it, everyone is producing it. So why podcasts? Podcasts are

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The need for a community manager

Reading time: 4 min Why is a community manager so important? Managing your community becomes more and more important as your customer base grows. It is therefore necessary that someone within your community is able to manage your community.

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How to get more likes on instagram?

Playback time: 4 min How to get more likes on instagram? Want to increase your engagement rate on Instagram? Getting more likes will help you make sure that your future posts will be more visible,

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How to convince its first users?

Reading time: 4 min How did we manage to convince our first users to use Capté? Capté was born around March 15th, in a Covid 19 context. Our company is called Soixante circuits and is specialized in the creation of

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How Adding Video Subtitles Improves SEO

Reading time: 3 min How to improve your SEO? With video subtitling, of course! Video subtitles play an important role in video marketing. We will explain how adding subtitles improves SEO! Subtitles

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How to create advertising videos on social networks?

Playback time: 3 min How do I create ad videos on social networks? How do you get users to watch your ad all the way through? Currently, video is the star of social networks. We explained that

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I use Adobe Premiere Pro to add subtitles to my videos, why use Captured?

Playback time: 3 min Are you a professional video editor? Did you download Adobe Premiere Pro when you were 12 years old? Do you find that adding subtitles to a video is not the most fun task?

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What formats for your videos on social networks?

Playback time: 4 min Video has become a must on social networks. But not everyone is a budding videographer, and the multiplication of social networks can make you lose your head... In what format should you publish your videos?