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You're starting to get into video? You have plans in mind and know what kind of video you want? And are you ready to draw your cell phone? That's fine, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, have you thought about sound?  Sound is paramount. But why is sound important in a video?

Don't forget the sound

When you start creating a video, also think about the sound. Indeed, the video is composed as much of sound as of image. Without good sound quality, your audience will not watch your video to the end.

Sound can come from different sources in a video: the sound of your recordingof the sound design or just a music. What you choose will depend on the type of video you are going to create but it doesn't matter what you choose, quality will always be a primary criterion.

By thinking ahead about what kind of video you want, you'll be able to Define which sound capture is right for you best and can prepare you to have a qualitative sound.

Yes, the sound in a video is just as important as the image! And even more so for some who consider that constitute 70% of the film. But why is that? And how can you get quality sound? I will answer your questions.

Recording, direct sound capture

Most of the time, the sound is captured during the recording of the video.

First of all, the sound quality goes depend on several factors. And will firstly result from posting requirements.

The noisier the environment in which you are going to film, the more likely it is to be polluted by interference noises. However, this kind of problem can be solved with qualitative material.

Indeed, a second factor that comes into play is going to be the quality of your equipment. In order to record quality sound, you will first need to have adequate recording equipment. If you only film with your mobile phone, the sound recording will be done with the microphone of the latter, so prefer a quiet environment to avoid any sound nuisance. Otherwise, a solution is to buy an external microphone like a tie mike for interviews. Depending on the desired rendering and your type of video, you will have different equipment: omnidirectional microphone, external microphone, camera, external recorder, laptop?

And yes, when your video includes a person speaking, in order to have a good sound, you have to pay attention to the distance between the microphone and the speaker. Prefer a micro talker distance of about 10cm.. If the microphone is placed too far away from the speaker, the speaker's voice will get lost in the surrounding noise and will be harder to hear. Conversely, if the microphone is placed too close, it can be unpleasant to listen to.

If you use a speaker, make sure you get a good speech from him or her so that it is easy to understand when listening. A good sound recording during a speech, allows a good understanding of the words by your audience but also for artificial intelligence. A qualitative sound recording is therefore essential!

If you are picking up sound directly, remember that removing a parasitic noise is complicated to mix. and that it is therefore necessary to focus on a qualitative approach directly.

The advantages of good sound

In the previous part, I told you that quality sound recording allows a better understanding of what is being said for your audience and for artificial intelligence. Indeed, if you wish to subtitle your video automaticallyyou're probably going to call on a tool like Capté. Captured uses voice recognition. This type of technology will use the soundtrack to transcribe voices into text. The more audible and clear your speaker's voice is, the more accurate the transcription will be.

A good sound quality will also allow you to keep your audience until the end of your video. The sound is an important part of the video, so the viewing will be more enjoyable if the sound quality is good.

Its post-production

Once your video's shot, you'll probably have to edit it. Editing is also an opportunity to improve sound recording or from add atmosphere through music or sound design.

For good sound quality, make sure that the sound quality during recording is good. Post-production work will be easier.

For this a multitude of tutorials exist on Youtube.

Sound design

The sound design is the equivalent of what is commonly called the sound effectses.

It allows tocreate an environmentan ambiance, an atmosphere. If you can't capture your sounds yourself, there are libraries of royalty-free sound effects available. like on Youtube.

The sound design allows to dynamize a content and to contextualize it. Canal +'s [.WUUT] uses sound design to hijack videos and imagine instant messages between celebrities.

The music

In some videos, you may also want to add music. In this case please make sure that the music is of a good quality.good sound quality and royalty free.

Royalty-free music will also make it easier to distribute your video on social networks.

This is a list of 9 free and royalty-free music sites for your next videos.

In summary

The sound quality in your videos is paramount. It facilitates transcription by speech recognition software and allows your audience to view better. For a good sound recording, you must use quality equipment and make sure you have good recording conditions. You can always adjust the sound in post-production and add sound effects such as sound design or music. However, the sound capture must be of quality to make your work easier.

Video finished?

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